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Run a Brilliant Business Video Marketing Campaign on YouTube

It is very important to tell about a new business to potential customers. Without visibility, no business can survive for long. Conventional advertising such as ads over the newspapers, press meets, etc. can reach out to a considerable audience. However, these methods are slowly becoming redundant in the age of the internet and virtual media. They are likely to be expensive and new businesses find it very difficult to incur such costs. Also, a newspaper may be read by only a few thousands of people. A press meet will be attended only by a couple of journalists and banners cannot be installed everywhere. Therefore, the scope of traditional advertising and marketing has now become limited. Instead, one of the best ways to market your product to a huge customer base is through video marketing. The most popular video sharing website is YouTube. This second biggest search engine attracts close to four billion hits every day, which means a massive number of videos are being watched each day. This platform allows all kinds of videos, right from music videos to movies, your own life activities, to promotional videos and much more. Nowadays, it is quite easy to use the video marketing for your products or services. All you need to do is create a unique channel for your business and begin posting videos for free. You only have to take care to see that your videos do not violate any copyright. The best thing about YouTube is that the website shows a “related videos” column for every video, on the right side of the page. This means that whenever any user watches a video that promotes a product or service even slightly similar to yours, your video link is likely to feature at the side of the page. This means you get multiple hits by using these simple video marketing tools.It is quite important that you produce videos that are worth watching. PowerPoint presentations were once popular, but have now grown passé. However, you can still make a good video if your presentation is eye-catching, unique in its content and well-sequenced. A better option would be to use the PowerPoint presentation for only part of the video and make the rest of the video a demo of the product or service. You can also view the user reviews and comments of people who have used the product or service. The key to good video marketing is to combine audio, video, color and the latest technology to create videos which would entice people to watch, and keep them interested enough to continue watching. Vulgar or sensitive content should be avoided.The success of your video marketing campaign can be accentuated by embedding a link in your video – a link that takes the online visitor to your company’s home page. You can also post the link below the video, as text, because some viewers find embedded links irritating. If your videos are exceptionally good, you might be even nominated for winning the great video marketing awards from a globally acclaimed Video Marketing Association.